About Us


Las Chicas’ Kombucha was established in 2020 by two sisters who discovered and fell in love with the “Elixir of Life”, also known as kombucha. After learning about the great health benefits kombucha could bring, the sisters decided to brew their very own kombucha. Following months of perfecting their handcrafting and fermentation process, the sisters were finally satisfied with the taste.

The excitement from brewing kombucha escalated even more after the sisters started to experiment second fermentation with different combinations of flavours from fruits, herbs and everything they could find. The bold and well-blended flavours surprised the sisters. With every sip of the kombucha they took, they became even more surprised that the drink is still unknown to many here, for its health benefits and distinct tastiness.

The unique combinations of flavours in Las Chicas’ Kombucha are the direct reflection of the sisters’ personalities. Las Chicas’ mission is to provide the highest quality full-flavoured Kombucha made from the best ingredients, and to promote a healthy drinking habit by replacing soda with this healthy beverage.



Las Chicas is all about being environmental friendly in our production and packaging. From the ingredients we use, to the packaging we choose for our final products, we make every effort to minimize the environmental impact from every bottle we make and deliver. Hence, we wholeheartedly offer RM1 rebate for each bottle returned to us upon the next purchase.

Kindly indicate how many empty bottles you will be returning in the ‘Notes’ section of the checkout page before confirming your purchase with us. During the delivery of your order, we will collect the empty bottles back while offering a cash rebate of RM1 for each empty bottle returned.

Please note that the bottles must be returned in good condition. Any scratch, fracture, chip or damage on the bottles cannot be accepted. We also appreciate cleaned bottles for the ease of sterilization process before we can reuse the bottles.


Las Chicas handpicks and uses the best ingredients they could find to make their full-flavoured Kombuchas. Here at Las Chicas, we never choose convenience over quality especially for our ingredients. Each ingredient we select for the brewing of our kombucha is freshly picked to ensure the freshness and quality of the kombucha we ferment.

Las Chicas believes in only providing the quality that we have strong conviction of. We ensure that the kombucha we ferment has the quality that we ourselves will consume daily.


Las Chicas is like a magic potion making lab for the sisters. With the different personalities the sisters possess, they always try to mix different flavours that would bring exciting yet unorthodox chemical reaction in flavours to the kombucha, reflecting the perfect chemistry between the sisters.

The passion Las Chicas has for quality brewing and building their trademark flavours can be tasted in each bottle of kombucha they produce. The next time you pick up a Las Chicas’ Kombucha, we are certain that it will surprise you and leave an unforgettable impression on your palate.


Las Chicas embraces artisanship. We love doing and perfecting everything by hand. We always believe that every product should have a human touch as it gives them the probability of being extraordinary.

Each batch of Las Chicas’ Kombucha is fully handcrafted in small batches to ensure that the quality is maintained while allowing each to be a slightly different experience for the end users. At Las Chicas, we treat each kombucha as our ‘baby’ as each of them is individually handcrafted with passion and love.


Las Chicas’ Kombucha is currently available in Klang Valley and Melaka. For any delivery outside our delivery areas, special arrangement can be made by contacting us through the mentioned channels.

Delivery charges vary based on the travelling distance and the estimated cost can be checked at our product page before adding order to the cart. Self-pickup option is also available and multiple locations can be chosen at our product page, whichever is more convenient. Las Chicas also offers free shipping for any order above RM80.

Deliveries shall take about 1 – 3 working days from time of order (subject to constraints due to MCO) and are limited to Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The delivery time shall be after 12pm and we will be inform the customer on the estimated time of arrival before we deliver.

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Block C, Residensi Damai Meriah, No. 2, Jalan PJU 10/1A, Damansara Damai, 47830 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Email: laschicasmy@gmail.com

Tel. No. : 010 – 228 7741 (Isabel) / 014 – 934 4150 (Kimberly)