Fun Facts

Kombucha is a sweetened tea that has undergone fermentation over a period of several weeks. Las Chicas’ Kombucha is made by SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) to a mixture of green tea, sugar and fruit juice.

Naturally, Kombucha has a tangy and sweet taste to it. Many people associate the taste to apple cider vinegar but with a fizziness that is similar to soda. Las Chicas’ Kombucha is fermented for the second time with different combinations of fruits and herbs which give the kombuchas their distinct tasty flavours and aromas.

Kombucha is packed with probiotics from the fermentation process and everything is natural with no chemical substances or preservatives. Kombucha has been known to:

  1. Aid digestion;
  2. Detoxify our body of free radicals;
  3. Boost our immune system with anti-oxidants;
  4. Improve gut health;
  5. Reduce craving for sugar;
  6. Boost metabolism


Besides the health benefits, Las Chicas’ Kombucha also has the tasty flavours and refreshing fizziness that can replace any other drinks especially soda.

Technically, kombucha does not go bad as its low pH prevents microorganisms from turning it bad. Kombucha also ferments continuously in the bottle over time.

For Las Chicas’ Kombucha, we recommend to consume the drink within 12 weeks if stored in refrigerator in order to maintain its original flavours. If it is kept unrefrigerated, the kombucha will continue to ferment at higher rate and this might change the flavours. Hence, we recommend to keep the kombucha refrigerated for the best experience of flavours.

Las Chicas’ Kombucha is a non-alcoholic drink as the most of the ethanol produced from the fermentation process has been converted into acetic acid by the bacteria. For each batch of kombucha we ferment, we regularly check the alcohol content using hydrometer to ensure that the ABV (alcohol by volume) is less than 1%. Please note that as the kombucha is a ‘living’ medium that is constantly undergoing fermentation with yeast and other organic materials, the liquid density can be affected for measurement.

As Las Chicas’ Kombucha is made from green tea, there will be a certain amount of caffeine in it. However, the amount will be be as much as the original sweetened tea base as the caffeine is known to be used by the SCOBY as fuel to produce new cells.

A bottle of kombucha a day keeps the doctor away! We recommend consuming 1 bottle a day in a regular manner in order to benefit most from the drink. Like any other good things in the world, regularity and moderation is the best way.

Las Chicas’ Kombucha is full of gut-loving probiotics. Therefore, you can enjoy it any time of day on its own or with a good meal. It can be consumed as energy boost for workout, refreshment for a hot day or even as dessert for dinner. To experience the drink at its best, we recommend to drink it on an empty stomach.

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